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Hiragana ま to も

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Ma Mi Mu Me Mo… Sing with me! Ah… OK, learn them anyway you want, but really, what’s wrong with my singing??

Lesson 7 ー ま to も

ま – MA
Apparently this is a telephone poll with the wires so you can call your ma. Yeah, I can’t remember how I learnt this one. lol. But, maybe you see it?

み – MI
This one to me looks like “21” written in cursive. I just think of “Me 21” and in I’m 21. (In Katakana I use the same menomic – except it’s “Me 3” – ミ)

む – MU
It’s a cow! Some how… I always remembered this one as a glass of milk, see the handle, and the drop spilling out. Oh, and the milk is, of course, mooing.

め – ME
Remember “nu” with it’s noodle – ぬ? Well, the noodles have now lost it’s curl because it’s really messy. (So, it doesn’t make sense… doesn’t mean it didn’t help me to remember!

も – MO
A fish hook with worms so you can catch some more fish.

Ah ha! We are almost done! Keep up the good work.


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