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Hiragana – か to こ

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Now it’s onto ka to ko!

Lesson 2 – か to こ

か – KA
Looks like someone bending over, getting a cut from a whip.

き – KI
A key and lock.

く – KU
The beak of a kookaburra.

け – KE
Looks like a keg of beer.

こ – KO
It looks like a coin.

And that’s it for today’s lesson. Some tips on learning the ひらがな (hiragana) would be to write write write! Writing the characters over and over is good but can get boring. I recommend practise writing words you know in hiragana. I know it’s horrible having to pause, look up characters after every character you write, but it gets easier and within a few weeks or so it becomes second nature. I promise!

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