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Hiragana は to ほ

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On to lesson 6.

Lesson 6 は – to ほ

は – HA
Remember け (ke)? It stood for “keg”. Here is our keg again, but now it has a hole in it. And everyone is laughing at us… “ha ha!” So yes, ha is the thing to remember this by. It can get confusing with the next one, but we see this character a lot as the particle, pronounced “wa” that it is easy to remember.

ひ – HI
Here is a huge smiling mouth, someone going “hee hee”. You can see how the stories are very similar between this one and “ha”. As I said, you’ll see “は” alot so perhaps you wont need a story for it. And it’s easy to see a bit smiling mouth for this character.

ふ – FU
Mt Fuji, a volcano with lava coming out.

へ – HE
This to me looks like a hill, and the story suggests that it leads to Heaven

ほ – HO
This is は with a hat on, because it is hot.

Not long to go now before we are finished!
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