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Carlie’s Japanese Progress, July 2007

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carlie001 Here’s what I’ve been up to last month!

Pimsleur I:

I’m up to lesson 20. I’m haven’t listened to it for a week or so now, as my new job is closer to home (I used to listen to it as I walked to work, which was about a 30min walk, perfect!). I was finding it easier and easier, and perhaps moving too slow. I’m not sure if I’m going to have time to pick this up again while I’m at uni, so I might be stuck on this level for quite a while…

Japanese For Everyone:

This is the textbook I use at university (if it was up to me I I’d be using Genki). I’m currently half way through lesson 7. I really need to catch up in the workbook, I’m several lessons behind in that…


anki I know I used to talk about how great jMemorize is, and I still like jMemorize over other programs such as Supermemo etc. However, I have found a program that I love even better. It’s called Anki and it’s still in better, however it’s still in beta. I have been following the creator’s progress and I know that 0.3 will be awesome! I’ll be doing a review of this program soon, comparing it to jMemorize…

I’ve also been revising this month how I incorporate flash cards into my study. So, with the move to Anki, I’ve restarted with my cards. I have 233 cards currently, and over the next two weeks or so I’ll be releasing another download for everyone. :)

Japanese Readers:

I recently brought some Japanese Readers. They are beginner level – I was tossing up between buying Beginner and Upper Beginner. Now I’m glad I brought beginnger! I have 10 stories in total. They started off very easy. Even when I didn’t know a word I could guess from context. Now, the stories were very simple, with simple language and simple sentence structure. So while it was sooo exciting to be reading Japanese, it was also a bit of “This is sooo damn simple! This wouldn’t even be interesting to a child!” Then, after the first three books, it started getting harder. I can’t really read any more of them at the moment. My biggest problem is vocabulary. I know a fair few sentence structures because Japanese For Everyone moves so quickly, but I don’t know nearly enough words. I’ll keep working on it!!!

Other Things In July

As you all know, I’m back at uni. This week is only the second week back, but I am already highly stressed. You see, I’m taking an extra subject this semester. I didn’t want to, but I have to if I want to graduate at the same time as I originally planned. Which means that I am highly stressed and don’t have as much time as I’d like. I’m also feeling really really tired and run down – after uni I try and do something but I end up going to bed, and spend more time trying to wake up so that I can cook myself some dinner!

Basically it means that this website has been suffering. Not good. This place is almost like an added stress even though I love posting here and maintaining it. It’s just that when I do, I think “I should be doing more university work!!”

So, I have decided that this semester I am only going to be posting reviews for two series: Nanokakan and Hana Kimi. I will finish the other series when the semester is finished – only about 12 weeks to go!! I have some great things planned this summer which I’m looking forward to. You can find more about them if you are subscribed to my newsletter.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about my study methods, combined with research I’m planning to do this semester at uni, so expect some fantastic posts on learning languages!

Plans and Goals

I can’t wait to finish this semester of University. As much as I love uni, I am really stressed! I just want to know everything already and be over and done with!

So when this semester of uni is over, I have some plans of what I would like to do. One is I plan on completing Remembering the Kanji. My original plan when I started this was long and slow… Just go through it at a nice pace. I’ve since decided if I do it this way I’ll probably never get it done. So, starting around November, I want to just power through them. I probably wont do any other Japanese study (other than “fun” stuff like watching dramas) while I do this, and I’m hoping that I can learn them reasonably well in two months, three at the most! Once I’ve got through it, it’ll all be revision, and a matter of acquiring vocabulary.

But Really, I’ve Just Been Wasting Time…

Yes, I am the queen of procrastination, and I think more than I act (which is strange because when I do act, I do so without thinking…) Now with uni here, I will have to watch my time more carefully! However, I am going through a bit of drama withdrawal, so hopefully this sunday I will be able to chill a bit, relax, and have some much needed comic and romance relief. Then again, I really need to do some washing and the dishes…. There isn’t enough time!


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