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Carlie’s Japanese Progress – April 2008

Posted by on May 1, 2008 in Language | 0 comments

What a busy month. I’ve moved house and become very very behind at university. So over all this month I’ve felt very stressed and I don’t believe I’ve made much progress in my Japanese at all.

How Much TV I Watch
As you know, at the end of last month I started to record how many Japanese tv shows I watch. For curiosity mainly, and as a record. This month the most time I spent dealing with the Japanese language was probably watching tv. Surprisingly, I watched over 21 hours worth – even with over two weeks without access to new material (and a week without a computer full stop). I guess thinking about it, it isn’t even an hour a day average, but you can see a snippet of the log above, and you can see that when I do watch tv, I watch a lot at once.

As for the rest of my progress, not much to report. My anki file has gone from 576 cards to 619, however I have barely reviewed this month.

There has been a major disruption to my life (plus I had my getting old day!) this month, which is an explanation, not an excuse. Next month I hope to kick my butt into shape. I will review! I will add lots of cards! I will work on my Japanese! Cause no one else is going to work on it for me!


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