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Carlie’s Japanese Progress – September 2007

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September is over and I’m looking forward to the end of October when it is Natsu Yasumi (Summer Holiday) time! But that is looking a head and this post is for (mostly!) looking behind.

Learning 日本語

I feel like I’ve had an epiphany. I feel like I’ve really moved forward this month and everything is coming together. Things are clicking into place and I suddenly understand so much more about the language. It’s a great feeling.

Japanese For Everyone

I’m up to Chapter 11 now. I’m almost half way through the book! Exciting!

I think that JFE’s strong point is grammar. It doesn’t explain things in great detail (I like the fact that Genki has longer written explanations), however the exercises are very good and most grammar points are easy to pick up. I think at the start of the book with no other guidance I would have been lost, but once you are over the initial hurdle this is a good book.


Anki is going good. Earlier in the month I didn’t use the program at all, which is bad. Last week I was busy clearing out all my sentences and then adding more. Last month I had 359 cards, now I have 533 cards. However, I haven’t yet been tested on 113 of them! I need to, next week is an exam!

OK, deck statistics time!
Correct over a week: 93.7% (253 of 270)
Correct under a week: 75.4% (1378 of 1827)
Correct when seeing for the first time: 85.7% (717 of 837)
Total Correct: 80%

Hana Kimi Overload!

nakatsu001 I admit, like the rest of the world, I have become obsessed with Hana Kimi. I have watched the show over and over again. I feel like I hear a bit more every time. I do feel like my listening skills have improved.

However, sometimes when I watch the show with subs (I alternate) I realise I understand the sentence that I didn’t understand without subs – only because the sentence wasn’t said 100% clear or something so I didn’t recognise it. I know that people don’t speak clearly in real life so this is good, real-world-like training.

For The Future

I’m going to be talking a bit more about the upcoming months and my plans in my newsletter, but let’s just say that October is going to be a very busy month for me, finishing up my semester at university and all the plans I have for the website. Hopefully I can follow through with my plans, that would be subarashi! All though, truth be told, I think I’m going to have to pull some time out of my arse.


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