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Carlie’s Japanese Progress – October 2007

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carlieav1 October, October. What a month. It went by so quickly I barely remember any of it. Coming off my mid-semester “break”, October was my last for weeks of university classes for the year. With six pieces of assessment. At least now I only have my big exam half way through this month and then I’m free until March! Except – some how I’ve felt busier since uni has finished. I blame the kanji!

Japanese For Everyone

_japaneseforeveryone I’ve finished chapter 12. I’ll be taking a break from this while I try to remember the kanji, hopefully getting back into it in January. Chapter 12 was a fairly easy one to get through.


Thanks to the kanji, I’ve fallen behind on my reviews with this. 289 expired cards… *cries* I have 615 cards now, up from 533 from last month. And I did review at the beginning of the month, not so much towards the end. I would like to keep this up through the kanji, how ever as things are proving I’m not sure if I can. The kanji is time consuming!

Deck statistics time!

Correct over a week: 92.5% (346 of 374)
Correct under a week: 77.3% (2061 of 2667)
Correct unseen: 85.3% (828 of 971)
Total Correct: 80.6%

If only my kanji was that good. The thing is, though, when I add a sentence to my srs, usually I understand all the grammar and it’s only to reinforce grammar and to help learn new vocabulary.

Remembering the Kanji

I have to pick up my game. Moving at the pace that I want to move out, Remembering the Kanji is time consuming. Currently I have studied 395 kanji. The problem is I’m finding it takes 3-5 reviews for most kanji before I find them in my head and I can pass them onto the next box. And the most time consuming task is actually studying the kanji, vs reviewing the kanji.

Here’s my deck as it stands right now:


After I started tracking my review results (so, from the 28th October onwards), I have averaged at 48% correct. This number goes up when I review cards in the far decks, but so far as most of my cards are in the first deck I’m getting a lot wrong. I’m expecting the numbers to sort of even out as I get further into it. I guess we’ll see. Must… Study… More…

Into The Future

I’m still hoping to finish the Remembering the Kanji book by around Christmas. I’ll have no excuse after my exam in two weeks. I’ve already got my “rewards” for finishing picked out – certain Japanese books. So, main priority: Kanji. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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