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Exercise 2012 Summary

Posted by on Jan 7, 2013 in Health | 2 comments

How much did you exercise in 2012?

I have been using Daily Mile (feel free to friend me and let me know you came from my website) since July 2011 to track my exercise – mainly running and cycling. While the website doesn’t have much in the way of stats if you are a free member, it is very pretty which is what motivates me (and I would like to upgrade for more stats, I find that personally very motivating).

Here is my 2011 end of year report, the numbers are total kms covered:

Exercise 2011

And here is what I got up to in 2012:

Exercise 2012


I am very happy with my progress when I am exercising. However, I really let myself down half way through the year when I really only made a token effort to keep in shape. The thing with me is, when I am exercising I also eat healthier. Thus, during the colder months I did bugger all and put on pretty much all the weight I lost over the summer.

Towards the Future

For 2013 I really want to work on actually exercising during the colder months. You can see from my goals post that I plan on exercising. Somehow I have to come up with a way to bribe myself to keep it up.

Fingers crossed this time next year I’ll have some good news to share…

I’ve also been thinking about becoming a vegetarian.

How was your exercise/healthy living journey of 2012? Do you have any exercise goals for 2013? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. J.D. Meier

    It’s always amazing how much we spiral up or spiral down, and how one habit helps another habit (such as exercising leads to eating better, etc.)

    The real beauty in habits is when we get the compound effect. It’s the little wins that add up. If there’s one thing that’s clear this year it’s that we’ll first make our habits, and then our habits will make or break us.

    • GoddessCarlie

      Thanks for your comment. I believe whole heartedly about the little wins. The problem can be that you don’t always notice the little wins, but when they come together you can see the difference you made over time.

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