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Posted by on Feb 9, 2010 in Health, Life | 4 comments

So I want to get back into shape. No, I need to. Not just for the physical benefits but also for the mental. I’ve been tracking my food intake now for about three weeks. I’ve been using an iphone app called Lose It. I tried a few other apps but in the end I decided to go for this one. It certainly isn’t perfect – a big downfall is that everything is measured in imperial measurements and both Japan and Australia are metric. But I just need an online calculator to fix that. What is good is that it remembered the last quantity of food you entered so if I eat the same amount regularly, which I often do on most foods, I don’t have to select a new measurement each time. i also like that you can access the food when you are not online, everything is easy to input, and there is an easy graph to see your progress. You can also sync it to the website which means even more graphs and information.

This week I’ve been pretty good for the most part sticking to my daily calories. My two main changes have been that I have stopped eating a packet of chips every night (if I get hungry at night, a bit of an issue for me, I am opting for crackers or fruit, foods that still get me going but are lower in calories and are better nutritionally somewhat). And I have stopped drinking so much soft drink. I am letting myself have some on the weekends for now but I suspect in the future it will only be something I do when I go out for dinner, for instance – I’m finding I don’t miss it at all.

As for working out, right now I am trying to work out three days a week, with hopefully at least one workout high intensity. I want to gradually increase this to four workouts a week by the end of the month. I’m looking forward to it warming up a bit more too, so I can go outside to go running and I also want to purchase a skipping rope.

– not necessarily my favourite food but my most eaten food.


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  1. David Vasta

    You all are going to make me buy an iPhone and I am trying not too….looks like a cool app, and good luck with the being healthy. I am trying the same thing too.

    • GoddessCarlie

      I miss my iphone! I mean, I have one, but it is for Australia and it is too expensive to turn on roaming in Japan and too expensive to cancel the plan, so I am still paying for it but can’t use it as a phone.

      Good luck with your health as well, although I guess it isn’t about luck so perhaps we should say “work hard!” :)

  2. Charlotte

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