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What I ate today [Tuesday’s Tucker]

Posted by on Feb 8, 2012 in Life | 1 comment

It’s Tuesday’s Tucker (not tucken!), where every Tuesday I’ll share with you what food I’ve eaten.

Personally I love seeing what other people eat, just for curiosity sake. And I would love to record what I’ve eaten as well. I’m not saying that I eat exciting, interesting or visually stunning food – far from it! Nor am I saying that what I eat is super healthy or the only way to eat.

Today was very different from my usual day’s eating as I had to go to the city for a job interview. I was on the run (figuratively, was in heals), so I had some dirty McDonald’s. I was eating it while on the way to the interview, so I didn’t get a photo. Great way to start off Tuesday’s Tucker, right?!

Here’s some images I stole from the interwebs –

 I had a hash brown and a banana berry smoothie. Both below average :(

For lunch, while waiting for a train, I had something that I’ve been craving for a while now – A sausage roll :)

I had a sausage roll, some sauce and a V. Mmmmm, was good.

And then for dinner –

It doesn’t look that appealing does it. This is a pork stir fry, and was really yummy, and made by me :D That’s my new plate too. It’s a little bit smaller than our other plates, and its to help me have smaller portions at dinner.

So that was my day! By far from a typical day….

Even though it’s Tuesday that I’ll be doing this, I’m going to be posting these as part of the What I Ate Wednesday party. Why? Because I want to share what I ate and explore what other’s eat as well. Feel free to share what you ate as well in my comments below or link to your own page sharing what you ate!

This month is Love Your Veges Month! Let me talk a bit about veges :)
Tell us about your favorite vegetables – I love veges. Call me weird :) My favourite vege has to be the popular carrot.
Share your go-to cooking/prep methods for veggies – For dinner I stir fried my veges. That’s probably my favourite way to cook veggies, but I also love to steam them, and have them in soups.
Talk about how you add extra fruits and vegetables to your daily eats I often have a salad or veges with lunch and dinner. Lately I like making a banana berry smoothie, like what I had for breakfast today but made by me with real fruits. It’s a fun and yum way to get some fruit in.

I know I’m probably unusual because I love veges. :love:


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