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Wendy’s Closes in Japan – Wont Be Missed

Posted by on Jan 12, 2010 in Life | 6 comments

At the end of 2009, fast food chain Wendy’s closed all it’s stores in Japan. So, before it closed I wanted to get some Wendy’s into me. In Australia Wendy’s is a different company that sells ice-cream. I may have had Wendy’s the fast food when I was in America but I don’t remember, so for me this was the first time having the food.

So the day after Christmas I went to Osaka to try Wendy’s. That’s a bit misleading, I went to Osaka for other reasons but decided to try Wendy’s while I had the opportunity to.

I don’t think Wendy’s will be missed. It was just another burger. It made me crave a good real take-away shop burger from Australia. This was just a bit of meat between two pieces of cardboard. This is in contrast to the KFC I had on Christmas that was pretty decent as far as fast food food goes.

If you love Wendy’s and are in Japan, too bad. I think they have all closed now!


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  1. freedomwv

    Wow! I didn`t know Wendy`s was pulling out of Japan.
    I never really ate at Wendy`s so often but it kind of sad to see it go. The cup of chilly was always good; even in the summer. Their fries are great.
    Well, I am sure something will replace them soon enough.
    Maybe burger king can suck up the market share?

  2. Jamaipanese

    funny how many of the Wendy’s restaurants in Jamaica are closing down too!

  3. Billy

    The burgers are crap but once in a while I crave the chili. Usually following a long night of drinking :)

    I wonder if another chain is planning to take over the Wendy’s locations across Japan.

  4. Tokyo Catalog

    I couldnt imagine anyone caring THIS much if Wendy’s were to shut down in the US :)

  5. Blue Shoe

    Hmm, too bad.

    Yeah, you go to Wendy’s for the chili or the softies, not the burgers.

  6. GoddessCarlie

    I do think that it is all about having grown up with it. For instance, even though it tastes like crap like the rest of them, I think I would miss Burger King (Hungry Jacks in my neck of the woods) if it was gone forever…. well, I’d probably crave it every now and then but be disappointed if I ever ate it!

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