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Tour of the Neighbourhood

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Here’s a quick little tour of the area around my home. I am loving living here.

Of course there are vending machines. I love vending machines. In Australia I was always forgetting to bring a drink with me when I go out walking etc. Here, it’s something I don’t really need to worry about. Not only are beverages cheaper here, there is usually a vending machine around somewhere. I haven’t seen any hot food vending machines here yet, so far only drinks, cigarettes and alcohol machines (which I suppose is also a drink machine).


Rice fields! There are rice fields in the smallest spaces between buildings. However, rice here is expensive.


A karaoke joint. Haven’t been here yet.


A scarecrow in the field


Japan has a lot of buildings that look soooo old and run down.


Are there many vending machines where you live?

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  1. gassho

    Hey Carlie,

    So glad you are posting from Japan… was worried that you’d be too busy. If I weren’t to old I’d be trying to get on the JET program. Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll get to live in Japan, if only briefly. Until then, I depend on you lucky folks already there for inspiration. Many thanks from a fan!

    p.s. Really interested in how your Japanese progresses while you are there! がんばって!

  2. Jamaipanese

    awesome pictures, be sure to check out that karaoke joint!

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