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The Shampoo Robot

Posted by on Jan 13, 2010 in Life | 3 comments

This was spotted in the window of a hairdresser’s in Nara. I’m not sure what the going rate is for shampoo robots is but 500円 sounds like a steal! Especially if there is a blow in itself… If you would like to check out this place, it was somewhere east of the Kintestsu Nara train station. Good luck… And I mean that on more than one level!


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  1. Laura

    I think this falls under my “don’t put random body parts in unmanned machines” rule, same as the manicure/nail art ‘bots. I think I’ve seen too many horror movies…

    The real question is: can it give the same head/scalp massage my hairdresser does? ; )

  2. Ellie

    ‘When I want to shampoo it right now!’ What, like in the middle of the street? While having dinner? Do many people get this kind of sudden urge?

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