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The Cat In The Red Boots

Posted by on Oct 1, 2007 in Life | 4 comments

OK, I wasn’t going to post just yet. I’ve been working flat out all week (I’m talking long 10 hour days) and today is my day off to do my assignments and then go to uni. So of course I’ve been fart arseing around. I decided to put on a bit of The Cat In The Red Boots stage play just to see what it’s like. It’s the Stage play staring Ikuta Toma, everyone’s favourite guy at the moment. I really have no idea what it’s about, but what follows is caps from the first thirty minutes of the play along with my stupid commentary. Please don’t take this seriously, I’m just being stupid and wasting time instead of doing my assignments.

I’m currently watching a Japanese stage play. I have no idea what is going on. It’s called “Cat In The Red Boots”, and it started off with harry potter music and harry potter comming on stage (a forty year old HP) trying to get rid of ghosts by saying “expecto patronis”. I think I need to read a summery to see what this is about. Ah… now who I imagine Herminoie and whats his face red hair boy. And Maggie Smith’s character.

This is very entertaining but I really have no idea what is going on. Now a cat in red boots is doing some wild dancing with Harry and crew also dancing.  And singing! This is really weird. At least it makes me a little bit less angry, but it’s not getting my assignment done. When is Toma going to appear? I can’t find a summary in English, although it gets five stars at Amazon.

OOOOOH! OK, Harry is gone and Toma is now singing something. I get the feeling this is supposed to be the actual start of the story. He has long hair and it’s quite funny. Wait, I should show you some images, cause I’m bored and should be doing an assignment
OMG, while doing some caps… Toma is singing his nice little song which I imagine he’s singing “I’m soooo ronry” or something, looking like a poor boy from say the 1800s or something, and then suddenly his brother and friend comes out looking all 80’s rocker and it’s so random that I laughed alot and had to share it with you all.

Harry and co

Dancing and singing with the cat in red boots

More singing and dancing

Toma appears, singing something or rather.

Big bro appears.

OK, I think he was singing “I’m so ronry” because now all his friends have appeared. Yes, I’m talking about men in chicken and donkey suits. Must make more caps. OMG. There is the little mermaid and snow white with little dwarves behind her. This is fantastic. This is the best 25 mins of my life so far.
Hello my friends! My imaginary friends.

Why hello! We are your friends.

Let’s dance with my friends!

OK, now Harry Potter is back riding the donkey. I really must stop watching this and do my assignment. But, this is great.


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  1. meagan

    lolololol, i needneedneed to see this !
    seriously, your commentary is hilarious :P
    toma is amazing.

  2. leeomurasaki

    i reaally wish i cud watch iiitt!!
    but i dont have the DVD//huhu..its too muuucchh…
    i guess ill try watching on the net..heehee..

  3. Evie Lee

    :wave: i love this. Toma Ikuta was really amazing. such a great singer/ actor.! banzai! XD

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