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しけん たいへん

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What I wanted to say: –

Tonight’s test was really hard. I tried my best, but I don’t know if I did OK or now

I think I need to practise my active Japanese more. Because it sucks. I admit I am not sure about the above two sentences. But I think I’ll get better if I PRACTISE. So I’ve made a new section called カーリーの日記 – or Carlie’s Diary. Hopefully I’ll keep this up and you’ll see my posts get a bit more sophisticated than the above.

The awesomeness of the new section:
bullet A learning process for me.
It gets me actively doing. And I want to learn from my mistakes, so if you see one, please tell me!
bullet A learning process for others.
If you are just learning too, here is some simple Japanese that you may understand or almost understand. I know how great it feels when you understand something so give it a go. If there is something you don’t understand just ask. I will try my best to answer.
bullet Engage in conversation.
Something I don’t get to do often, and I’m guessing some of you don’t either. Ask me a question or make a comment in Japanese.

Hopefully we can make this work. :)





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  1. Thomas (babelhut.com)

    You’ll want “difficult” to be past tense here, so 難しかった. Also, I’ve never heard いい used as a verb. I know one way to say “pass (a test)” is 合格(ごうかく) so maybe 合格するかどうか分かりません.

  2. GoddessCarlie

    Thank you very much Thomas! I always forget about tenses – I guess I’m so worried about actually saying things that I always forget. I’ve been tripped up with that before.

    I also didn’t think it was right about the いい, but I wasn’t sure what else to say. So I just put in what I’d say in English, which is wrong I know. I’ll be adding 合格 to my srs, thanks.

  3. kara


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