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School Lunches Again

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At the moment I eat school lunches with the children at school. I go to three primary schools and one middle school. My schools range from 32 kids to 110 kids, so at all my schools we eat in the one big lunch room area – usually at Japanese schools students eat at desks in their own rooms.

If you are curious to see what type of food is served at school lunches, keep on reading this post, and check out my earlier post as well.

This one was pretty good, but a lot of it. Rice with stuff in it, sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs and soup.


Alphabet soup. I was sitting with kids in grade one, and they liked to put a letter on their spoon and then yell out any letter they knew. Very cute. I had this one again not long ago and they would get a letter on their chopsticks and ask me what letter it was. Very tiring.

Also potato with a garlic coating. A ham and cucumber sandwich. Was actually afraid that this was going to be a ham and chestnut sandwich. Crazy, I know, but school lunches are always crazy. I was sure they said “kyuuri” – cucumber, and it made more sense, but I was worried they said “kuri” – chestnut. I had to eat salty chestnut in rice once, it was not a pleasant experience, soooo salty. I didn’t think it went at all. I was lucky this time.

Deep fried bread. My first experience with that. Wow. Waaay too much oil. I know, that’s deep fried for you, but… wow.


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