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Pungent Hamburgers at the Kansai Airport

Posted by on Oct 21, 2009 in Life | 4 comments


While at the Kansai International Airport I thougt about having food. So I went over to the food stand. What to have, hmmm, so many choices. Should I have the ham and chadder cheese panini? Hmmm… something about that just doens’t sound right…


A plain hot dog sounds alright but a pungent cheese hot dog sort of turned me off the thought of a hot dog…

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prawn and hot Sand of grill vegetable… well, the trouble is I like prawns even less than I like eating sand…

The menu turned me off so much that I instead decided to wait til I was back in Osaka to get some food. What I guess confuses me the most is how this happened at an international airport – one would perhaps think more thought would go into a translation in a place like that…

This post is my submission to the October 2009 Japan Blog Matsuri, hosted by Sleepy Tako. This month’s theme: hamburgers.


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  1. reesan

    hahaha… love the pungent cheese hot dog. they should have just come straight out with it and said ‘the hot dog with the foul odour!’ :-)

  2. Joshua Zimmerman

    Maybe it just has a strong taste?

  3. JimR

    Well, the Japanese says “Spicy cheesedog”…”Pirikara”, nothing about smell at all. Such sad translation…

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