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Living In The Land Of Japan

Posted by on Aug 13, 2009 in Life | 3 comments

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Here is the view of my backyard! A rice field :)

I have been in Japan for over a week now and in Mie for a week exactly. I am having a really great time, but of course I haven’t really started work yet. I have a mobile phone, internet, bank account, everything set up, and have now finished orientation. Today is sort of the first day I’ve had a break and time to myself!

I really love my placement and (most of!) the other ALTs in my area. We are a pretty fun bunch so it’s been a blast. I haven’t visited my school yet, I think that is happening next week. My supervisor is very helpful and speaks pretty good english.

Rubish Time Table My house is still a pigsty, but I hope to finally get most things sorted and put away today. Speaking of sorting, the garbage is sort of a nightmare.

Anyway, expect lots of updates of my adventures soon! :)

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  1. Jamaipanese

    congrats on making it to Japan, all the best!

    *cracks whip*

    now you better blog more!

  2. Tara

    You’re lucky you have a garbage sign that’s in English…ours was in Japanese and had no picture…we just guessed :)

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