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Let’s Enjoy English!

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So, incase you don’t know, I recently moved to Japan as part of the JET program. I moved from Australia to Mie-ken in Japan to teach English. I arrived in August, which is school holidays for the kids. So my first time teaching in Japan wasn’t at a school but was at a Summer “camp” for children aged 5 to 11ish. It was at two locations each with two sessions. It wasn’t exactly a camp, but more like a class that the kids came to. It involved all the middle school/elementary ALTs, some JETs some not, in my area.

The above photo is our preperations for the classes. The program itself was called “Let’s Enjoy English”, of course using the “let’s” form which is everywhere in this country. ;)

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We broke each day into three sessions of about 30 mins each. We wrote down a whole heap of topics we could perhaps use and then finally narrowed them down to the ones we would use. Then we broke ourselves into groups and put each group in charge of a topic to come up with the activities. They were all fairly simple topics such as feelings and fruit as most of the children were in grade one.


The two days were lots of fun. My topic was fruit and we were lucky to have some plastic fruit with us. First we played the missing game, taking away different fruit each time and the kids had to guess what was missing. And then we put blind folds on the children and made them guess what fruit they were holiding.


It was lots of fun, but oh my goodness I was worn out afterwards! The kids were so cute – shy while by themselves but really got into the games. So luckily my first experience teaching children was a very enjoyable experience. I have quite a few photos but unfortunatly I was requested not to put them up on the inernet. In stead you’ll have to put up with this photo of me covered in body part stickers.


A job that involves playing all day is pretty sweet :)


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  1. Jamaipanese

    awesome experience. I can only imagine how much fun you had, glad to know you are enjoying yourself so far.

  2. yonasu

    I work in the kids part of an amusement park so I know it can be fun^^ But it can be a nightmare at times as well. I’d definitely give this job a try if I could though!

  3. Les

    I teach kids (more than 70% of my classes) and I can say it is great.. but only if you OWN your classroom, and let them play by YOUR rules… after that, it is fun. Kids in a group, are like a pack, and they need a leader… if you aren’t the leader then one of them will assume the role, and it is not in your interest nor theirs that this happens. Take control, provide the leadership and everyone will have a great time learning.

  4. The Envoy

    The chalkboard brings back old memories….

  5. Joshua Zimmerman

    Yup. Looks just like every single other Japanese classroom in Japan.

    They really need to spice up the classrooms a bit. No wonder I see so many kids sleeping at school. They’re bored by their environment!

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