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  • Update phone more regularly, otherwise you may be subjected to hours upon hours of updates.
  • phone update

  • Websites can get very slow with out of date themes… Hmmm, this is the same lesson as the previous one. Update!
  • This lesson I haven’t learnt yet; I have 3.5 pimples on my chin. One is known as the pimple formally known as Carlie’s second head. Why? Why is there a pimple party on my chin?
  • No matter how hard you wish, broken washing machines don’t un-break themselves. And that those things cost money and Christmas is not a good time of year to have broken things because you are already poor.

In other news, regarding my last post where I ponder a challenge for 2013, the challenge has been created and will be executed in the new year. Others not might find my challenge exciting, although I do. No matter what your thoughts, it will be challenging. And it will remain a secret until the new year. I hope I can complete the challenge…


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