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Learn About the iPhone in Japanese

Posted by on Jul 7, 2008 in Life | 2 comments

Is anyone else excited about the new iPhone comming out on the 11th of July? It’s so close yet so far away.

Well, now you can learn more about the iPhone and practise your Japanese at the same time. The iPhone’s guided tour is now in Japanese. It’s basically the same as the English one, but localised for Japan. However, the section on the keypad is awesome, you get to see how to type fast in Japanese.

One of the reasons I’m excited about the iPhone is because of the way Japanese is integrated into it easily. I don’t have to go and change my global settings to make everything either English or Japanese. I can use both easily. I’m also hoping that there will be some good flash card software and other things like this so I can study Japanese on the go.

As you may have guessed, I’m planning on getting it – It’s convenient that my current plan runs out very soon and my ipod is also very old and needs updating. It feels like the timing is perfect! Plus, in Australia at least, the plans are very affordable (even if we still have crap data plans compared to some countries – compared to others though we are lucky). I just hope they don’t sell out before I get a chance to get one!

Anyone else excited about the iPhone? Or is that a silly question?


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  1. Khalid

    I’ve been watching it pretty closely too and am probably going to get one – but after the initial rush dies down. The price here in the US is, in my opinion, pretty good. AT&T has been offering me free phones out the wazoo since my contract ran out 6 months ago. This is the only phone I’ve seen that I’m even remotely interested in ;-)

    Watching the Japanese input interface in the video was impressive – and it gave me a few ideas…

    Thanks for the tip on the video link – I was really surprised at how many loan words he used. 簡単 and 便利 are the words of the day :)

  2. Atreya

    Well good news is that there is a software called iDic to view epwing dictionaries. (but you have to “jail-break” the iphone to install it) And resolve is developing Anki for the iphone/ipod touch (again you have to jail-break the phone) But then there is always the option of using Anki online since the iphone has wifi and 3g. Either way, it hasn’t been released in my country yet. I guess there will be a long wait. :(

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