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JET Application: The Statement of Purpose

Posted by on Oct 1, 2009 in Life | 13 comments

Here is my Statement of Purpose. I don’t know if it will be much use to you, but it got me an interview and now I’m in Japan, so something from it must have worked.

I think the SOP is very important in the written application. Perhaps the most important part, but who knows. Here is a page where I got advice from: The Jet Programme, Statement of Purpose. Basically I went all over the internet and got inspiration from everywhere.

And now, here is my SOP, in all it’s (lack of) glory. No editing here from me for spelling or to turn down the arse kissing, this is how I sent it in… Perhaps you can take away something from it, even if it is a couple of giggles. Enjoy

Statement of Purpose

With a love of both language and culture, I would love to work as an Assistant Language Teacher in the JET Programme. At university I majored in English Literature and the Japanese Language, combining my two passions. I have also studied Australian popular culture and intercultural communication. With this background, along with my enthusiasm and passion for teaching, I would make a perfect candidate for the JET Programme.

I chose the JET Programme so that I will be able to improve my understanding of the Japanese language and of Japanese youth culture. While assisting in the teaching of the English language and culture, I would be gaining valuable experiences and knowledge that I would like to use in post graduate research. My overall aim is to teach about Japanese popular and youth culture to an English speaking audience. Within the JET Programme, I will have first hand access to the youth of Japan. This experience will help me stand out against my peers and broaden myself as a person.

In learning the Japanese language, I have a better understanding not only of Japanese culture, but also of my own culture and the English language. I would love to share this sense of understanding with the youth of Japan, so that future generations gain a tolerance and understanding of different cultures.

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I enjoy teaching, and look forward to team teaching. In my current job as a sales assistant in a scrapbooking store, part of my job is to demonstrate scrapbooking techniques and also run scrapbooking classes. I enjoy not only teaching but preparing material for classes and coming up with exciting ways to present the material. I also had an opportunity to teach one lesson at my university. This was a valuable insight into teaching in a class room setting, and confirmed my passion for teaching.

My international experience has helped me appreciate and understand cultural differences. Having visited the USA and Canada, while similar to Australia in many respects, these countries have many differences as well. While Japanese youth may be exposed to North American culture through Hollywood productions, they may not have an opportunity to experience Australian culture. I would love to share this with them so that they gain a deeper understanding of western cultures.

If I am accepted, I would work hard to ensure that I am a valuable asset in the JET Programme. My passion for both Japanese and Australian culture makes me an ideal candidate. I will aim to instill this enthusiasm into my students, increasing internationalization and fostering cultural understanding in future generations.

Thank you for your consideration.


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  1. Fiona

    Hey I thought that was a really good SOP :)

    • GoddessCarlie

      Thank you! I’m actually to *insert adjective – maybe embarressed, maybe lazy* to read it again, since I read it so many times when I wrote it. I can’t believe it has almost been a year now since I wrote it! :star:

  2. Mum

    Nicely written Carlie. It obviously did the job!

  3. Jamaipanese

    awesome stuff Carlie. Bookmarked for future reference ^^

  4. mcalpine

    Nice and simple SOP Carlie, I am inspired in whole new wayssssss….lol…

  5. Japanese words

    Yeah, I thought it was well written, and it definitely got you here. I am sure it will be very helpful for those following in your shoes.

  6. Shii

    I got writer’s block on my own statement… thanks for providing yours, it’s given me good ideas!

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