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Japan Bloggers Conference – Bet you wish you were there

Posted by on Feb 1, 2009 in Life | 10 comments


Today over at edufire I gathered with some other Japan related bloggers for some talk about oatmeal, amigurumi – and a little bit about blogging in general. There was great advice as well as lots of laughs, and I’m looking forward to the next one. It made me (yes, made me!) join twitter… Feel free to add me back, or what ever the twitter related lingo is!

Here’s who attended, list shamelessly stolen from Koichi…



So what do you guys think about Japan Blogging and it’s community? What would you like to see? What can I do to improve my blog? These were some of the questions raised, and I’d love to know what other’s think!


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  1. Mike

    Great to meet you yesterday Carlie! I’m looking forward to the next conference too ^^

    Come and join Japansoc on Facebook too if you use it :D


  2. Jamaipanese

    don’t have to wish. I was there :D

    pleased to meet you :D

  3. Koichi

    Great to see you there Carlie!

  4. Deas

    It was great to see and hear from everybody at the conference! Saw your post on JapanSoc.org, and check it out, I’m already in your Friend Connect widget! Yay!

  5. Digger

    Um, I’d like to learn more Japanese geography–like where the different prefectures are their various points of interest. That sounds like a huge undertaking, but it’d be cool to see profiles on even one or two prefectures….

    Oh yeah, let’s hear it for practically the only (actively posting) female Japan blogger I’ve encountered! Hey, iz nice to have some representation, ne?

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