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I’m In America

Posted by on Aug 27, 2010 in Life | 2 comments

I’m in America right now. I’m Australian, and my family is too, but my mother married an American and moved here with my bro and sis. Right now I’m visiting them, I haven’t been here since 2010.

A lot has happened since my last post. One exciting thing is that I have lost almost 15kg which is awesome. My main piece of advice is to eat less, eat healthier and exercise more. But it is also about a state of mind. You’ve got to want it bad enough to get there.

I’m missing rice fields and I’m missing Japan. For now, however, I’m planning on studying Japanese like there is no tomorrow. Next year I’m planning to get my post grad in education and I’m hoping that I’ll be teaching Japanese in high schools soon. I really loved teaching in Japan, and the biggest frustrations to me were because I wasn’t a “real” teacher. We’ll see how we go anyway.

My year on JET was the best year of my life. I don’t regret it at all. I leave feeling both sad and happy. I would have loved to stay another year. However, at the same time I feel like I have to move on with my life. Which is why I’m going home to Australia soon.

While in Japan I was too busy living life (heh!) to post much here. I’m hoping now I’ll be able to catch up with all the adventures I went on. I have so many photos to go through.

My biggest disappointment is that Ikuta Toma is coming out with so many movies and TV shows and I’m not there to witness them live. :P Just so typical.


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  1. Theresa

    Hi Carlie,
    Best of luck in your future studies. I miss reading your posts about school like in Japan. YOu are an inspiring young woman and I know you will do well in life. I moved from Tokyo area to Okinawa in April, and also miss many things about Honshu. I hope our paths cross someday.

  2. Daniel

    Good luck on your future adventures! Don’t forget to share them with your loyal readers one day :)

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