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I Miss My Grade 3ers!!

Posted by on Mar 10, 2010 in Life | 2 comments

Yesterday was the graduation of the grade three students at middle school (9th year of schooling). And I didn’t get to be there :( Yes, I’m sad about that because I got to know my grade 3 students the best out of all of them – especially the girls who were a lot of fun.

Last week they had a fun goodbye party where the whole school played games. One of the competitions was for each group to draw a picture of the two home room teachers. The (badly taken picture – I know I don’t always have stunning photography here, but all the pictures were taken by a teacher and they are all bad :P ) photo below shows two of the better ones. :)

Another game was playing 2 seconds or so of a song, and the first team to say who sang it or the name gets a point. Every time something from Arashi played my Arashi partner in crime would run out to answer the question. It was great :) (May have to share more stories about my Arashi partner in crime. There is a hole in my world now that she is gone :( )

I didn’t get to go to the graduation ceremony, as I had to go to an elementary school. Today I was back at the middle school and it felt oddly (or, perhaps unoddly?) empty. I usually eat lunch with the third graders, and of course the table was empty. Instead I listened and half understood (I think) about when one of the teachers went to school (as a student) he took a huge bento box that was full of rice, other that was full of the rest of the food, and a smaller one for fruit. Man.

Today was also strange because the sun was shinning but we had three sun showers (which featured a bit of snow in there… and it wasn’t even that cold). Strange day.

So, I’m not sure how teachers do it every year. Thinking back, I was too excited to be moving on in school years to be caring much about what the teachers thought. I’m not sure I’m ready to be a mother because that calls for a greater amount of separation…

In other news, I’ve been sooo tired lately from bad sleep. Only starting to catch up this week, though I’m still tossing and turning a bit early morning. Is it because it is finally starting to warm up? Change in temp is the only thing I can think of. Hopefully I can write some better posts soon. For now, check out Eye on East Asia, a great blog because it linked to my Books for 10 Year Olds post and so it obviously has good taste.





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  1. Blue Shoe

    Yeah, it’s natural to miss your students when they graduate. But you’ll have new ones soon, and eventually you’ll get used to the cycle.

    • GoddessCarlie

      Yeah, I already know all my soon to come grade 7ers, having taught them in primary school. I’ll be getting new grade oners at primary school, which should be cute but I’ll only be teaching them once a month. One reason why I don’t think I could be a doctor – I get too attached, I care more than others I think sometimes

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