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I do not like green eggs and ham

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This month’s Japan Blog Matsuri is:


Yep, it’s as simple as that! I want to talk about trying new things! I’ve always been a bit of a fussy eater, but I prefer to think of it as I know what I like. Still, my food choices have changed over the years and I like to live with no regrets, so when I went to Japan this past November I was determined to eat takoyaki.

Balls For those not in the know, Takoyaki – たこ焼き – is octopus fried in batter, or as I like to interpret it, octopus balls. You can read more at wikipedia. It is served at a lot of street vendors around Osaka, and in other places I’m sure but that is where I saw the majority.

The thing is… I don’t like seafood. I do, however, like calamari and fish if it is deep fried and battered, such as in the meal of fish and chips. And, I wanted to experience something of Japanese culture that I couldn’t really back home. So, I was determined to have some takoyaki.

num num num Mmmmm... not

…. I did not like it.

In other food related news, everyone who comes to Australia must eat vegemite. mmmmm. Love that stuff. How do you like your vegemite?


This months Matsuri is being hosted by Deas @ Rocking In Hakata! Thanks Deas!


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  1. Deas

    Thanks for the entry! I’m disappointed that you didn’t like the takoyaki. You should give us more of an idea of your impression of it though – what about it bothered you? The octopus bit is usually really small…and it’s only bad if you get a large sucker…

    Also – I enjoy calamari, too. I like the spicier crispy kind. Do you prefer it crispy or chewy? Do you prefer marinara-type sauce or tartar-type sauce? Just curious. I also used to hate seafood before I moved to Japan. :-)

    • GoddessCarlie

      Ah well… I just didn’t like the taste! But I gave it a try which I think is a HUGE step for me!

      As for calamari, I prefer it chewy. I don’t think we have marinara type sauce here, as my sister (who lives in America) had trouble finding something comparable. We do have tartar sauce, but I don’t like that either. I just like my calamari deep fried :) That’s enough flavour for me.

      I am open to liking seafood…. But just don’t. I don’t like sushi either, which is a huge disappointment because it is fairly healthy and cheap. I don’t like the seaweed, as much as I try to.

      I said I was fussy :)

      • Deas

        The seaweed wrapping is what throws me off of sushi, too. I eat it anyway (but where did you get the idea that it’s cheap?). I vastly prefer sashimi to sushi – wonderful, clean, and refreshing. Gimme some raw fish and a wasabi-jyouyu (わさび醤油) any time!

        • GoddessCarlie

          Well, here in Australia it is cheap! I know it’s not the “real” stuff. $3 for two rolls is probably the cheapest, healthiest and most filling meal possible. Our Mccars doesn’t have a dollar menu.

  2. Hao

    I love takoyaki T__T I can’t believe you didn’t like it though. To each his own ^^ (I was wondering how to say that phrase in 4 letters in Japanese but I can’t come up with anything)

    I’ve heard much about vegemite, including that my life is not complete and that I cannot die without tasting it first. I hope this is true ’cause I have great expectations ^^

    • GoddessCarlie

      I question this too, as I like deep fried seafood (well, deep fried calamari and fish) but I don’t know, I just didn’t like it!

      Vegemite is an acquired taste, but in my opinion it is awesome!

  3. Shichi

    Man, I love takoyaki. I’ve had bad takoyaki though, maybe try again?

  4. Jamie

    Agreed, I don’t touch the stuff either. I have a fundamental belief that land-based humans shouldn’t eat anything from the sea! Land/sea = two completely different worlds, shouldn’t be mixed~ I am NIKUTARIAN!

    Good of you to try though.

    I would love some Marmite right now, but the frugality prevent me from partaking in that particular overpriced foreign commodity :(


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