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Home Tour – My Japanese Apartment

Posted by on Jan 5, 2010 in Life | 18 comments

Here’s the long waited for apartment tour. The only catch is… these photos are actually from when I first moved in back in August 2009! Most likely you will have to wait equally as long for me to post an updated and lived in version – first I will have to clean the place.

The above photo is the thingy I made for my door. It’s made out of things from the daiso. Awesome shop.

Here we are looking back at the front door. You can see the letter mail insert thingy. And my shoes, probably the neatest they’ve been. So yes, you have to take your shoes off before entering. I’m not sure it is something I’ll keep up when I get home, but it may be a good idea in trying to keep floors cleaner.

The cupboard is to keep your shoes in. But I have small feet and I find the box can be too small for even some of my own shoes. The good thing is that finding shoes here is easy and they are cute and cheap!


And this is the view from the door. Yep, that’s right, straight ahead is the bathroom sink. Heh. To the left you have two tatami mat rooms and to the right is the kitchen, toilet, bathroom and laundry.


The first room on the left. Kotatsu covered in stuff as I didn’t have a desk at that stage.


Interlude: I actually live right next to a high school and here was the first time I saw a kid cutting school through a hole in the fence. Memories. They now have the hole covered with a sign and they are fixing up the joint, putting in flowers etc.


Turning back around to face the room. Shit in boxes – left from predecessor. Unpacking still to do and sorting out. Got the clothes rack thing pretty cheap from the local department store.


Facing back towards the kitchen.


And then back around to the useless wardrobe in the corner.


Into the next room. Look, an aircon! It’s great. It was great back in august for the heat, it is great now in the freezing cold.


I’ve swapped around the doors now, cause this one is see through and it’s the room with the aircon, and see through is a silly idea for a door. I want the sulight out in the morning. So I swapped the doors.


The balcony and the TV.


The kitchen, complete with unpacked and messy stuff! Yay!




My microwave/oven/toast oven in one, then the actual toaster oven, and then the kettle which I never actually got a cord for – but I didn’t bother getting one because I don’t drink tea or coffee or anything that needs hot water like that. So it’s all good. I want to try baking in my microwave soon.


The kitchen sink. Some of these dishes are mine, and some are from boxes that I haven’t washed yet. I got lots of odd stuff – tupperware containers without lids, and no plates. That sort of thing.


The fridge. Covered with stuff. I really wanted to see wicked but never got around to it. There probably still is a chance, but I probably will never get around to it.


My laundry! But I have a dryer, something that most people I talk to seem to be jealous of. Not only that, this one didn’t work, so I have a shiney new dryer!


The bathroom. It’s a bit weird, you step up and are straight into the shower area. I haven’t been in the bath yet, although it was much recommended in summer. I have a normal bath, not one that reheats, so I’m not sure if I want to have a bath here in winter – water never seems to stay hot for long and it’d seem like a waste of water.


And the last image of the toilet! This one has a sink ontop of the toilet and as you flush the water first goes through the top – a wonderful idea I think.

So what do I think of my little Japanese apartment? Well, it’s little. And poorly insulated. And I don’t really have enough storage to put things – I need a bookcase or something. Oh, and I don’t like tatami mats, especially as I’m someone who destroys things without meaning to. But it has everything one could need, the water in the shower gets hot quickly and it has aircon which is great. And it’s very cheap.


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  1. Manuel W.

    That actually doesn’t look too small to me for one person. The kitchen looks like a decent size. Thank you for the tour!

  2. Melissa

    Baking in the microwave oven…

    This microwave brownie in a cup is on my list of things to try:

    Let us know if you come across any good microwave baking recipes ^o^

  3. Theresa

    Great tour! I am surprised that even your new dryer works. I don’t seem to be able to get them to do anything but fluff things up. That must be why everyone hangs their laundry.

  4. Laura

    Wow, that’s quite a big place you’ve got there! Well, by Japanese apartment standards, anyway. Must be around a 2DK…? I was living in a ワンルーム in Seoul a while back, so your place looks positively palatial by comparison : )

    And you have a dryer and a fair bit of natural light, so all in all you seem to be set up quite nicely.

  5. Ellie (alchymyst)

    Looks nice, if weird in places (bathroom sink, wtf)! Yay for dryer (I never had one, so my place was always full of random laundry items hanging around — I was advised by my predecessor to not dry lingerie outside, as she had hers stolen a couple of times >.<).

    I also had the weird bathroom where you showered standing on the floor. It was also the size of China. In general, my apartment was designed by some crazy person who just randomly designated rooms without taking into account their size (my kitchen was larger than my bedroom).

  6. Jamaipanese

    looks small but cozy, thanks for the tour

  7. Rob

    The place looks nice and homey.. how much are you paying for it? Bathroom and toilet look old but can’t complain if you think the rent is a bargain..

  8. Jen

    I am really jealous of your kitchen! You have so much space in there !

    AND room for a table!
    My kitchen gets over crowded when me and my boyfriend try to cook together.

    You are lucky, I think! (Or I’m a complete cheapskate who should have gone for an apartment with a bit more room instead of an insanely cheap one. Or both!)

  9. Naruru

    Your apartment looks very cute :3 And I love the toilet XD

    Ah I do have a question though. A lot of people have been saying a lot about insects in the apartment. Have you encountered one lately?

  10. Leslie Kirnon

    Hi! Your post rocks and is a really nice read!

  11. Star79

    Thanks for this I am thinking of going to TEFL in Japan, is this a typical appartments you could get on a teacher;s salary?
    Also is it now fairly commonplace to get western toilets in most appts? I had visions of the older style ‘sqauts’!
    Thank you
    S x

  12. Thalia Bhandari

    Cute little place. I would live there any day. Thanks for the photos and intro of your new place. All the best. Cheers Thalia

  13. Where Next Japan

    Great article – I think it’s important for people interested in coming to Japan to know what the living situation will be like. We did a video, vaguely in the style of MTV Cribz, going around and interviewing different teachers and going through their apartments. Please check it out: http://youtu.be/pwZwg0P0Axg

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