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Great Daiso Finds

Posted by on Sep 25, 2009 in Life | 4 comments


Daiso is a hundred yen store in Japan, the equivalent of a dollar store. Unlike Australian dollar stores where nothing actually costs a dollar, pretty much everything costs a hundred yen. There are some exceptions, but they are clearly marked with the price and are often good value too. And you can get everything there, from awesome stationary, kitchen goods, gardening goods, bathroom goods, make up, laundry goods. The list goes on. Yes, I am a fan of the 100 yen stores. :)

Daiso, however, is also an awesome place for amusing English. Even though there is a “no photography” sign at the front door (well, I assume this from a picture of a camera with a line through it), the English on these is just begging for their photos to be taken. And they shouldn’t complain because I definitely spend up big there. Turns out 100 yen (plus 5 yen tax) an item can add up…

The stationary, my favourite part of the store, is a source of awesome English. This one says “Two bears went to the travel of the sky. It is very happy feelings.”


“This notebook might be wonderful writing feelings for you.” On the front cover of a book meant for writing English in. Fantastic.


“Unintentionally with idividuality and nonchalantly with sensibility.” I wish I knew what they originally put into google translator to make this come out. I wonder if the people making this stationary can speak perfect English but do this kind of stuff for fun. It could be fun to do with my job too…


Moving away from stationary to dog atire. And what dog wouldn’t look stylish and warm in a little jacket that says “wanko”.


And to end we are at animal repellent. Have pesky cats annoying you? Well, get yourself some “Don’t Cat.” Cat’s are surely to don’t.


Maybe it is just me but I was also amused by this. It’s fireworks for repelling birds and beasts. “It’s very effective against wild boars, monkeys and crows.”


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  1. Theresa

    I have lived in Japan for quite a few years, but always enjoy your posts. My husband and I like to go browsing the T-shirt sections of the stores for the same Romanji giggles. One does have to wonder! There is also the comments on the sides of Pachinko Parlors, the wheel covers on SUVs … the list goes on and on. I challenge you to find us some more interesting ones in your area!

  2. Jessi

    Nice English :D
    The “wanko” though, is technically Japanese XD Kinda like わんちゃん, just… わんこ.

    • GoddessCarlie

      It’s a great point – i had originally presented these photos for some friends who aren’t Japanese savy so this was “funny” in that regards, sometimes I forget to change things for this slightly different audience here :)

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