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Goodbyes are always so hard…

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Today I had a goodbye ceremony at one of my primary schools. I have two days left there, then I may never go back again… It was such an awesome memory that I want to share with everyone and makes singing songs with grade one kids and a sore throat… a bit more bearable! Hehe.


This is my large school of about 450-500 kids. I have to say the kids here have been awesome – I’m fairly shy but the kids come up to me to talk to me, always say hello and the kids get so excited to see me. There are also some kids that I feel I have come to know, even if just a little bit, and it makes me sad to think I wont see them again! I wont forget!!

CIMG23761 CIMG23771

The ceremony started with me walking into the school’s gym. At school, of course, you have to wear your indoor shoes. Well, in the gym you have to wear a different set of indoor shoes. So I was stuck wearing the school’s slippers (which means I was only a second away from falling over and dieing).

I walked through the centre of the grade one students and gave them all high fives. Yeah!

The speaches were half in Japanese then half in English, but the kids of course didn’t write the English (and don’t get me started who is considered an authority on English at this school :unko: ) and the echo of the place made it very hard for me to understand their English! But I got the gist :)

CIMG23801 CIMG23871

Next we played a Janken game. Scissors, paper, rock has been a bit mangled in this country (in English) I guess to facilitate learning the game. When I was a kid all we did was “one two three”. Here we start off “rock, scissors, paper, one, two, three”. Anyway, we played this where if they lost against me they had to sit down.

Then was a whispers game where I whispered (and spread a cold to the entire school) an English word to the kids and they had it go down the line.

And finally a “maru batsu” game – or a true or false quiz. I am still not sure what the second question was but apparently it was true, whatever it was about me.

CIMG23911 CIMG23951

Representatives from each class came up and gave me a poster or card that everyone had signed. So sweet, but the vast majority just say “Thank you for teaching various English” (in Japanese), but it is a great reinforcement of Vて くれる pattern I guess. I’m only joking, I love these! some had photos too which was awesome!!

After some speeches everyone sang Chiisana Koi no Uta, the song from Proposal Daisakusen and one of my favourites!! Here’s the lyrics. I was very moved by this!

CIMG24021 cat


An abundance of origami, which is apparently a huge hit with the grade one kids.



A pile of my goodbye cards!! So sweet.

And next, the kids in the special needs class. They were learning impared, but to me they still seemed pretty smart, just a level or two below what their peers.


Later after school three girls came in to the staff room and gave me these cute little popup cards! You can see one on the edge on the left of the above photo! It’s the little things like this that make me happy.

Also, for those who want a little Japanese reading practise, here’s the write up in Japanese of the event. Happy nihongoing! (What’s up with the “stone, scissors, paper” bit… I’m pretty sure I know who typed this up and am not surprised…)






















And there we go! Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

Goodbye School!



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  1. Jamaipanese

    must have been a really awesome experience. I drowned in all the nihongo part though ^^

    • GoddessCarlie

      It was a great experience that I’ll never forget! I drown in the Nihongo too but it is a bit easier when you know what it’s about. Break it up into little chunks and forget it’s a huge piece of text.

  2. Luke

    Isn’t it funny how the schools have no playground supervisors. Back in Australia they patrol the kids like prison guards.

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