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Goddess Carlie To Invade Japan

Posted by on Apr 7, 2009 in Life | 20 comments


I haven’t talked about this at all here (in case I failed miserably), but I have hinted/talked about it at twitter, so if you have been following me there you may know what I’m talking about oh-so cryptically right now. That is, today I received a letter from the Brisbane Consulate of Japan to say I have been short-listed into the JET Programme. Or, in simpler terms… I’m going to Japan!!! As long I’m healthy and the criminal background check doesn’t dig deep enough to find my secret past, I will be flying over to Japan this August.

I’m sure that the next three and a bit months will go very slow but at the same time very quick. I plan to go all gung-ho with my Japanese study – mainly because I have a lot of excellent texts that I don’t want to lug with me to Japan!

I am looking forward to many exciting times in Japan. :)




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  1. Jamaipanese

    WoOt! congrats Carlie. Looking forward to reading about your experiences.

    I am still a few years off from applying for JET, I need to start working on that degree, but it’s so expensive.

  2. Mum

    I’m thrilled for you Carlie, and very proud. Looking forward to seeing you in May.

  3. Hao

    オメデトウ ( ^ _ ^)∠☆PAN!

    Pretty cool! Hope the best comes out of it, where are you headed to in August?

  4. reesan

    Congrats! Do you know where in Japan you will be?

  5. Chris

    Congrats! That is awesome news! Any idea where you will be placed? :yay:

  6. Brett Fyfield

    That’s awesome to the n’th degree Carlie. and you know what’s even better? We get to share that adventure here with you!

    I didn’t realise you were in Brisbane (?) we must meetup before you go. do you know about the The Japanese Language and Culture Brisbane Meetup Group?

  7. Clay

    Awesome! I was in the JET program from 98-2000 and loved every minute of it (well, mostly).

    I also know how big of a thing this is; very few applicants actually get selected. Congratulations!

  8. Harvey

    You’re going to have the time of your life Carlie!

  9. Rarefish

    WAH~~ Congrats!
    Have fun and take lots of pictures… :yay:

  10. Atreya

    Awesome sauce! おめでとう!

  11. M-Kat

    Woah woah congrats!!! I put my tip on hold for a bit as i just got a job in the states! I can’t wait to hear ll about your adventures there! Take video too :-p

  12. Prometheus

    Congratz. Wish you all the best in Japan.

  13. Kelly

    You lucky thing! I’m so jealous… :D

  14. JET in Japan

    I just randomly found this post whilst researching stuff for my lessons….and just thought I say a random congratz! I am currently on the JET programme and you are going to love it! I’m in senior high school and the students are great!! good luck

  15. Beena

    Omedetou!~ ^^ :clap:

    I still have a long way to go before I get a chance at this. This just made me want to work harder. xD

  16. Theresa

    Hi! I’m an American scrapbooker living in Japan. I am very excited for you that you will be here soon. There is a big scrapbooking expo in Osaka this fall – September I think. I sure wish I could find out more about it. Unfortunately, my Nihongo is not that good. Please share if you find out more, k?

  17. Mike

    Congratulations Carlie :) You deserve it :) Hope we can meet up this coming year! :D

  18. 2nihon

    Hooray! Congratulations!

  19. Fiona

    Hi, Congrats on getting into the Jet program, I have been thinking about applying also. Is it really hard to get in? Any tips?

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