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Goals of 2010

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I’ve been keeping a record of my Japanese progress since the end of October 2009. It’s been a very good motivator, and also good to see where I devote my time. Or where I don’t. I may be (am) weird, but I enjoy trying to reach my goals and beat them in this very visual way.

With that said, I want to set some over all goals for the new year. So that I can kick them in the butt! Or fail miserably…

Let’s see…

GoddessCarlie’s Goals of 2010!

  • Have a large passive vocabulary in Japanese and be working on turning that into an active vocabulary.
  • Vocabulary. It feels like my biggest weakness right now. Has been for a while. And there are many problems with learning vocabulary. For instance, it never seems like a fun thing to do. The results can be rewarding, for sure, but the act itself is never fun. Right now I’m using smart.fm and I’ll continue to do that until that method becomes tedious and I’ll find a new way.
    Another problem is that there isn’t really a good way that I’ve found for me to get things into my active memory. I have to come across words in several different ways before they really stick. Sometimes words are easier than others, but other times I find myself looking up words that should be easy again and again. The only thing I can do is to just keep exposing myself to the language and when the words stick they stick…
    As for a specific number, well I figure as I get closer to that elusive number it wont matter so much – the number is the number I need to understand what I want to understand. However, a specific number gives me something solid to aim for, so right now I’d like to aim for a passive amount of words – 10,000. We’ll see how I go!
    As for a starting point – right now I’d guess my number of words known is about 3000.

  • Work on my listening skills
  • My listening skills have definitely improved since moving to Japan. I want to further take advantage of the situation I’m in right now and really work on my listening skills. I plan on working from books/CDs, as well as from “real” Japanese – podcasts, tv, movies, and people. I hope that by increasing my vocab and developing my listening skills I’ll be able to work my way up to understanding 99% of simple dramas like My Girl, and hopefully 75-80% of fast speaking dramas like Tokyo Dogs.
    As for something quantifyable – I hope to build my listening skills up so that I can understand JLPT level 2 dialogue. I’m secretly hopeful I can exceed that but at the same time I don’t know if I am asking too much in a year or not…

  • To be able to read fantasy novels for adults
  • It’s my favourite genre in English and I love drams like this too. I want to be able to read novels aimed at Japanese adults, even if they are only light and fluffy (hell, they are the best kinds of books!) I don’t know what else to say about this… this is one of my ultimate goals in learning Japanese and I hope that I can fulfil this wish in 2010!

    As for non Japanese related goals:

  • Live healthily. Live happily
  • Live with no regrets. Most people regret the things they didn’t do rather than the things they did do, so do everything I get the chance to do!!

Talk about your goals in the comments area! Remember, aim high! Expect more and you never know where you may end up!


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  1. Christopher

    Great goals, totally agree about what you said about regrets.

    I’m reading through vol2 of the Genki books, they’re pretty good, but I think I’ve bought too many text books (100+ so far), and I need to stick with one :(

    • GoddessCarlie

      Yeah, work through one text book but if you get bored, switch! Right now I’m sort of going through three or four – a main grammar one, a listening book, one I “have” to do in a course I’m in, and a vocab book. It’s great to keep studies alive!

  2. Jamaipanese

    a great list, I should steal a few especially the last few

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