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February Challenge: Workout 25 Days

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It’s almost the end of January, so it’s time to start thinking about the new month ahead. All in all, January has been a good month health wise. I reached my goals and I’ve lost 4kg which is great. But this last week I’ve felt like I’ve done everything right, but nothing has moved. For February, I want to keep the momentum going and step it up a notch.


My Eating Habits

Diet is king when it comes to weight loss. Last month I kept my calories at 1300 or around that, and I averaged about 1 kg a week of loss each week. Fantastic! But the stall this week… While it’s only been a week and the plateau could be for a million reasons, but I think I would like to pull in the diet a bit more. And when I say diet, I mean it in the sense of “what I eat” not “what I don’t eat”. I’m working on food issues, such as emotional eating and over eating. And I am also currently restricting the amount I eat because I’m trying to lose weight. But my main focus is to ultimately have a healthy relationship with food.

I’ve been recording what I eat in my daily planner. I write down what I eat and I only do a rough estimate of calories. This isn’t perfect, I know, but it has been working so far. If it stops working then I will re-evaluate the method. I’ve been using calorie king to see how many calories are in things, add up the calories for each meal then add a bit more on top. At the end of the day I usually round up the number to the nearest 100. I believe that I’m probably underestimating how much I’m actually eating (portion sizes) and I don’t have a food scale right now to know exactly for sure what I am eating, so over estimating slightly will hopefully compensate for that.

After each week I evaluate how I’ve done. How I handled any emotional eating, and things like social eating. Then I make a new goal for the week and work towards it.

While I’m still not super awesome, I’m working through things. Next week I plan on trying out 1200 calories/day average for the week and I’ll see how I went after that. I’m a bit of a shortie, so those numbers aren’t too low, and hopefully that will give my body a bit of a nudge. Or not. We’ll see.


The Exercise Challenge

I’m giving myself an exercise challenge. Challenges are great! A month is a small amount of time but can lead to long term habits. My goal is to work out approximately 6x a week, or 25 days total for the month. I want to do 3x weights and 3x cardio a week, but I don’t mind how it turns out as long as it turns out to be 25 days for the month.

This is another way I keep track of everything. I write down the details of what I’ve done on the day and if I’ve done a work out I’ll add a little sticker as a reward. :) It’s an easy visual representation of what I’ve done and it’s very satisfying to see all the stars at the end of the month. I’ll also try to be accountable on this blog.


Over To You

What are you planning for this month? What kind of habit do you want to try to form? There’s no time like now to work towards the life you want. So join with me in forming habits and share what your plans are in the comments.


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