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Eurovision 2012

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My sister, who lives in the USA, asked what Eurovision is. It’s a song contest held every year in Europe; It is a competition that ABBA won many years ago. It is often fun to watch because it can be weird, and it can be so bad that it’s good. Also good to watch the semi finals because often the “safe” songs make it to the finals. It’s great fun to watch every year.

This is what I’m talking about… Here is Russia’s entry. This is the best Russia has to offer… And it came 2nd in the competition overall. Acutally, I love it, I would have voted them second best too :) They do some baking while singing!

Russia – Buranovskiye Babushki sing Party For Everybody

Spoilers for the winner of Eurovision 2012 after the break, incase you haven’t heard yet…

So the winner was Loreen from Sweden with Euphoria, and I thought it deserved it. Loved the song.

I hope it does well…. If you look at the itunes top ten around the world, it is topping most European counties, well done :) It just goes to show you DON’T need to be wearing half a dress and high heels to win people.


Now on to some songs that didn’t make it through  to the finals, or who did but I think deserve a special mention because they are awesome for not being the typical singer with skimpy outfits and good looks, singing a pop song… These performances are the reason why I watch Eurovision…

First we have a really irritating song from Israel, performed by Izabo, called Time. Oh the costumes and dance moves from the 60’s.


Slovakia – Max Jason Mai – Don’t close you’re eyes – a fantasic hair metal song, with a bit of pop…. Maybe trying to channel the epic Lordi, but not really reaching their heights.


Austria – Trackshittaz – Woki Mit Deim Popo. Some average rap with pole dancing, but it does sound like they are singing “Fuck him in the poo poo”. Recieved the least amount of votes in the competition.


Switzerland – Sinplus – Unbreakable. OK, it’s unremarkable except it is rock, so deserves some mention.


Lastly, just have to mention Jedward, from Ireland. OMG. They have unbelievable moves. They do a JUMP HIGH FIVE. They make a heart from their hands together. This got to the finals but didn’t do well. One has to wonder why, because these boys are SPECIAL.

Until next year, Eurovision.


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