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Eating Update

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Two weeks ago I said I was working on my fitness. Well, how has the last two weeks been? Well… There has been improvement and there hasn’t been.

For starters I think I was getting really good with my food intake, but I’ve let it slip a little this week which is disappointing. All well, this week isn’t over… Let’s look at this first picture of my week of Feb the 8th.

I use Lose It, and ipod/phone app to record my progress.

You know, I’m pretty proud of this. See how my eating, even though it was over the line, it was fairly consistent and I know I was making smarter choices. I cut out eating a pack of chips after dinner, a bad habit I had gotten into, and also stopped drinking soft drinks with dinner. I know that I was making smarter choices.

The Saturday I was in Kobe and I did a poo load of walking, but also had the luxurious Kobe steak. Even though my calories were high that day (and I enjoyed an alcoholic beverage), I did underestimate the exercise, over estimated the food, and well, with a treat like Kobe steak, I don’t care at all.

Exercise was also pretty good that week. Apart from the walking I did on the Saturday, I also went ice skating, and did too cardio workouts at home.

On to the next week…

As you can see my eating was actually pretty good. One thing I don’t like is that school lunches are such a high calorie content, and I think eating such a big meal in the day has an effect on my mood levels and my energy levels, especially around 2-3pm. If I don’t have a class, I’m pretty tired, which is a shame because when I don’t have a class there is usually a lot of stuff that I want to get done.

I only did one aerobic activity that week, but I also did a lot of walking.

Forwards and Upwards…

The weather has gotten so much nicer these past two days. I want to start jogging again. I miss it (heh, me, saying that, who would have thought!) It hasn’t happened yet this week and I don’t know if it will (maybe the weekend will see it happen??) but next week is a new month, and, although I’ve felt myself slipping this past week, there is nothing like a new month to re-evaluate and get back to it, stronger than ever.

  • So, let’s put some goals out there! During March I would like to get jogging/exercising three days a week (and I mean more than walking, like I have been, actual heart pumping stuff!) and bring that up to four days a week by the end.
  • Continue to watch what I eat during March, continuing to bring in more healthy snacks and meals. I want to quit school lunches for new new school year in April, so let’s practise making healthy lunches!

You may be wondering what this has to do with my usual content – Japan and all that stuff. Well, in the future I hope to bring you some posts about losing weight in Japan, trying to eat healthy in Japan, and all about the myth that Japan is a healthy country with small serving sizes. Wrong Wrong Wrong!

As for some inspiration, however, I do have some. To be honest I like my white girl curves and don’t really aspire to have an Asian shaped body. That doesn’t mean I can’t admire Japanese girl’s beauty and long for pretty, girly, spring clothes! Fashion mags are my inspiration at the moment, I want to look good in time for summer so I can wear great clothes and feel good about myself. He’s a quick shot from Cam Cam – hopefully soon I’ll be showing some more pages from my favourite magazines so you too can see what the latest fashion is like in Japan!


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