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Densha Otoko – Movie – Trailer

Posted by on Jun 3, 2008 in Life | 3 comments

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  1. Deas

    You know what, I like the film version of the male character more than the drama version (even though I found him endearing in some sense, too). But I like the drama version of the female character better. Of course, I like Itoh Misaki…but still. :-)

  2. Deas

    Oh yeah – and if you watch the drama, the fellow who plays the Train Man in the film has a cameo as the cool salaryman who helps out the drama version of Train Man during the scene that starts it all…

  3. GoddessCarlie

    Hey Deas, you are looking at the wrong entry! This is just the video one. I just recently watched the movie for the first time. However, I watched the drama years ago. It was actually the first drama I watched, if I remember correctly.

    I like the actor of the movie better, but I thought the drama guy was more suited to the role. I agree with your thoughts on the movie Hermes, I like her better.

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