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Crazy Week

Posted by on Oct 5, 2010 in Life | 0 comments

My week ended up being a bit busier than I had anticipated.

  • I had two interviews. I didn’t get one job, I was under qualified, but still not sure about the other. It’s nice to actually be getting interviews but there aren’t many jobs going at the moment and I’m worried I’m going to end up with nothing :(
  • Went jogging twice before my week exploded. It was good to get some exercise, however…
  • It turns out I’m allergic to something in my area. I grew up in Victoria (an Australian state) and used to get a rash all the time, but hardly ever got it when I moved to Queensland. I know it is some kind of plant as I would always get it when playing in my grandmother’s garden. Well, since moving back to Australia I’ve gotten it twice, and both times after walking/running around the neighbourhood. Well, I’m NOT happy and I’m never going outside again!!! :P
  • That said, those two jogs have bought me down to a weight of 59.9kg!! It was my goal to get under 60kgs! Hahah. Let’s see if it stays that way and isn’t some crazy fluctuation. I am still thinking of aiming for 55kg but really what ever, I’m in a healthy weight range now. I would love to be size 10 pants though, I am just a muffin top away…

I also got notice for an interview for University. I have to prove that I’m competent in Japanese in order to teach it. Oh crap.

I’ve sort of been tutoring someone I know already in Japanese. He is visiting in two years and so his goal is just survival Japanese at this stage. Has been interesting.


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