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Classic Engrish at Chinese Restaurant

Posted by on Mar 21, 2010 in Life | 2 comments

Is it just me or does a good Engrish menu improve the quality of the food some what? Well, perhaps not, but it makes the dinning experience more entertaining.

The restaurant Soushuen was nothing to write home about, just your average Chinese restaurant with overly oily food, and I don’t think I’ll be going back, but the menu was a good source of entertainment.

To be fair, I guess A and R look somewhat similar. If one was just copying the spelling of a word based on it’s looks. I think this is something that really needs to be addressed better when learning English – how to spell. I’m not the words best spellers, but there is some “logic”, some rules to the way things are spelt in English – but students of English in Japan are barely taught them. Instead they rely on just “remembering” how things are spelt, same with pronunciation, you just “remember” (which is my job as a talking monkey, to pronounce words for them to remember). Now, if they were taught how words are put together (my goal for the grade 5 and 6ers starting from April, mwa ha ha ha, my evil plan is revealed) MERT would never be an issue.

/end rant. Sorry. This is supposed to be a fun light harted post about funny English. Let’s continue!

Now, this is better mistake. There is perhaps (with my pronunciation anyway) only a subtle difference between the words “rise” and “rice”.

A nice try for this one. I can see how this could be broken down to fam-mi-li or something, but if only they had learnt about the silent “e” and that us English speaking types would first read this as “fam-mile”.

Check out past Engrish articles and I look forward to sharing my next Engrish experience with you :)


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  1. Jamaipanese

    aaah yes Engrish, got to love it when you see it

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