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Well, I only have one more week of classes at uni. Then I have an exam about half way through November. But pretty much I’m done for the year! Which means, even though it’s only really the beginning of Spring, I feel like I’m now on Summer Holidays!! Which means it’s time to start executing my planned summer activities.

Step One: Study the Kanji via Hesig’s Remembering The Kanji. Intensely. My goal is to study 50/day with two days off to review the backlog of failed Kanji. I’m hoping to have all the Kanji memorised by Christmas!!


There is a lot of hoo-haa over this method. Some people swear by it. Some people think it’s a waste of time. Me? I like it. I think the key to figuring out if this is for you is to really understand the method and not to have any false ideas of it.

  • It makes it easier for me when I actually learn vocab/kanji.
  • This may not make sense to you, but it works for me. After finishing all the Kanji, sure I wont know how to pronounce them, but all I will have to do to remedy this is to learn vocab. I have started this method before, and I found when I came to actually learning words, it was so much easier to do when I already recognised the kanji rather than when I had never seen the kanji before.

  • I know the method works for me.
  • I’ve done this before. I was doing it at a much slower pace than I plan to do this time (my goal was around 20/week) and it was going fine. The only reason I stopped was I found I couldn’t do this method AND university. Which is why I’m doing it now.

  • I can learn them all quickly.
  • It would take me much much longer if I was learning Kanji through vocabulary. I just want to get the method over and done with so then I can focus with building vocab with ease.


50 Kanji/day five days a week. Two days to rest and catch up on reviews.

  • I will be using the Reviewing the Kanji website to review my Kanji. I will try and stay away from the forums!
  • I have a couple of grease monkey scripts installed, one of them being the Substitute Keyword one. For kanji I already know the reading of, I’ll be changing the keyword to Hiragana/Keyword.

    For example, for Kanji No. 78, “Right”, 右 – I’ll change the keyword to “みぎ ・ Right”. 
    For Kanji No. 99, “Fond”, 好 - I’ll change the keyword to “す(き) ・ Fond”.

    That’s my plan for now, I guess I’ll see how that goes, I can always modify my approach.

  • Use the Practise Page Auto Creator.
  • This is an easy sheet I can print out and take to work to fill in during my lunch break. I’ll probably once a week print off about 4 pages of the latest Kanji I’m learning and just quiz myself. Good way to get myself writing out the kanji and not waste my lunch break. Eating is boring, I need to do two things at once!

  • Remembering The Kanji Paper Flashcards.
  • I’ve already printed these off from last time I was studying this book. I’m not sure what I’ll do with this, but I guess it’ll come in handy. I could carry around a random selection in my bag or something for random review. Eh, they were fun to print out and you never know when they’ll become handy right??

So far

I reviewed the cards I have already put into the RTK website, and got about 62% correct. For most of the ones I got correct I could write them down easily, no problem. I was harsh on myself, if i got it almost correct but was stupid with one stroke or whatever, I failed it, even though sometimes in the past I would still pass that (although, the higher up in the piles they are, the harsher I judge them).

Anyway, for the next week or so I’ll be taking it a bit easy, reviewing what I’ve already gone through and maybe studying a few more… I’ll then begin hardcore at the start of November.



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