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Am I Worthy To Teach Japanese?

Posted by on Oct 14, 2010 in Life | 10 comments

I’ve talked before about how I was thinking about getting my post grad degree in education. I am the researching kind and decided that the Uni of QLD had the best education program in my opinion – I liked the way that assignments seemed to be creating curriculum rather than writing essays about curriculum. The down side? UQ is also the hardest uni to get into. I would have to pass an interview to show that I was competent in Japanese. Eek.

I admit that I have barely touched a text book since I got back from America. I have been doing a fair bit of manga reading (there’s some manga next to the toilet…) but that’s all. I was putting more energy into my job looking since money is nice.

Which lead up to today… The day of the interview.

I was super nervous. The most nervous that I’ve been in forever. To be honest, I wasn’t confident at all. I knew all the grammar patterns that are taught to grade 12 students in QLD. But it is more my conversational Japanese isn’t up to scratch. I knew that from a year in Japan that my listening skills had improved ten fold… but that didn’t necessarily mean that I would be able to respond.

I went into the interview and she began asking simple questions in Japanese, I responded in pretty crappy broken Japanese sentences. It didn’t help that I was super nervous and began forgetting simple things such as “primary school” :P But I could understand what she was asking… Did I mind being in the middle of nowhere teaching, what grade level did I want to teach, what other subjects did I want to teach if I didn’t get into Japanese.

Next I had to write about myself. Heh. Here I didn’t really know what to say so I waffled on in Japanese about how I taught English in Japan so now I want to teach Japanese in Australia.

Finally I had to read an article. I was nervous here. I could understand the words but I wasn’t sure I could get the sentences as a whole. She then asked me some questions about the article and I fudged my way through, or so it felt.

Then she gave me feedback. She said I was the first to comprehend what the article was about. She didn’t mention my speaking at all. And she said what she wanted me to focus on was producing Kanji. She said that even herself she forgets Kanji a lot these days because she is often typing on the computer. I know it is something I need to focus on, it’s much easier to read.

Then she circled “competent” and started telling me about how she was going to run the course next year….

In other words, I passed. I don’t officially find out if I got into the course until I think January, but I can’t see any reason why I’m not in. I’m so happy and relieved. I really want to be the best I can be, though, so next year is going to be tough. And after I get through next year I still have to actually pass another interview testing my Japanese competence before I can actually become a qualified Japanese teacher. I wonder at the other level of wannabe Japanese teachers. I feel for sure if there were Japanese ALTs coming into my school they’d feel just as frustrated at my level of Japanese, just like many ALTs in Japan are frustrated at the level of English that English teachers have. But I know a year is a long time and I feel so close to getting over that mountain hill to run down the other side….


Am I worthy to teach Japanese?

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  1. Theresa

    I so admire how you totally go for your dreams. Congrats on doing so well, I know that you will grow and excel and be great! Best of luck in your journey Carlie!

  2. Daniel

    It’s always inspiring to read about your hopes and dreams, you can do it!

  3. Zues

    I have been following your progress for a very long long time. I think you would make an excellent Japanese teacher. Don’t doubt yourself and knock them dead. Best of luck.

  4. まぶい


    Only be able to judge you by what i have read on your website so far, i daresay:

    You will be a great teacher!

    You have your plans, you follow throu, and that’s what counts in life. Even if you fail sometimes, only makes you stronger. And there is always another chance to do better in the future. (Gawd do i sound old …) :)

    Just don’t forget:
    May the Schwartz be with youuuuuu! (Famous quote from Spaceballs)

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