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Almost Finished Uni…

Posted by on Oct 27, 2008 in Life | 6 comments

OK, right now I’m so close to finishing uni, I am so excited yet so stressed!! I look forward to writing on this site more often, I am often blogging in my head, I just rarely get the chance to actually write it down.

It’s not long now until I go to Japan! I’m so excited yet I have a lot to do before I go so I am probably thinking about it more than I should.

This is going to be my first time in Japan. I plan on going everywhere. I’m starting in Osaka, going up to Tokyo and then back down to Kyoto before leaving.

One thing I am hating right now is the exchange rate. Why did it have to happen NOW??? My money has effectively been halved thanks to it. I’m only going to be able to buy half the manga and visit half the love hotels I planned on going to.

Another thing I’ve been *naughty* in doing is studying Japanese my way. I really have a lot of things I need to be doing, yet I’ve been plugging away at my Intermediate Japanese textbook, and again have been using Anki – that program has changed a lot since I last used it, which I think was around July.

As for Dramas, I have been watching:



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  1. Morty

    Yeah hate that exchange rate lol…but so exciting that you’re going =) And goodluck finishing university. I know the final year is by far the toughest…my two oldest siblings when a little crazy during that time hehe

    I can’t wait to watch Innocent Love and Ryusei no Kizuna as soon as someone starts subbing -.-‘


  2. GoddessCarlie

    Well, I’m in trouble because I’m already pretty crazy :)

  3. Arnaud

    Hello, I know that this is not the right place to ask it but you used the book An integrated approach to intermediate Japanese right? I bought it too but I can’t find the answers to the questions. Do I need better glasses lol?

  4. Elysium

    Hi Arnaud, I also have Japanese for Everyone. They’re in the back of the book starting from page 342. Make sure you download the tapes as well.

    Hey GoddessCarlie, best of luck on your adventure. I hope I can get a contract job in engineering there after I graduate, but that won’t be until I’m semi-fluent, and comfortable with Japanese. But tell me, how do you use Anki with JfE? Do you simply insert the exercises, like adding the question in hiragana one one side of the card, and the answer(s) on the other?

  5. Arnaud

    I checked in my book and I don’t have any correction. Maybe there are different versions… Too bad

  6. Atreya

    Yea, rotten luck. I wanted to buy so many things while I was in Japan but could only buy half of them because of the current exchange rate… Ah well.. Something is better than nothing… I couldn’t go to Nara, but Osaka was amazing. So was Kyoto and Tokyo although I couldn’t visit any of the places that I wanted to in Tokyo. :(

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