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So the grade 6ers just graduated from Primary School on Friday (the 19th of March). Awww. As far as I know though, they are all minus one ( :( ) going to my middle school so I’ll soon see them looking all cute in the middle school uniform.

Before they graduated, I had a chance to give my seven kids from my Mountain School a special gift. One thing I am sort of frustrated about my job is that I go to so many schools I barely get to build any kind of relationship with the children. It’s unsurprising that often they forget what my name is. It’s the same with my Mountain School, however I go to this school more often than other schools – one reason is there are other JTE’s at the other schools but at the Mountain School I am the only one who teaches to the grade 5 and 6ers. So I know these kids a little better, but more than that, I was able to build some kind of curriculum with them.

And what I sort of planned to do with all the grade 6ers graduating but could only do with my Mountain kids was to make a quick “English book” and present it to them on their last lesson with me. All I did was make some covers quickly and then put in all the worksheets from our English classes in there. Something simple, didn’t really take much time (lucky there was only 7 kids!), and I didn’t put much effort into it. I would have done it for the others too, but I only had a couple of worksheets from them and it didn’t really seem like it was worth doing…

Yeah, I’m showing my bias, this was also my most inquisitive class, and also the class that I had the most fun in. I hope they like their books – but the teacher was very grateful and so that was enough for me. They all seemed pleased.

As long as they don’t turn into little shits like the current grade 7ers at middle school….

(A source of frustration for me is that I have so many schools to go to. Even if I went to one school with twice as many kids as I have now at all my schools combined, I think I would be happier. At the very least, I think I would be able to build a better relationship with my co-workers, instead of just popping in and out quickly all the time).


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