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8 Random Facts About Carlie

Posted by on Jun 23, 2008 in Life | 4 comments

Yes, that’s me in the photo.

I’ve been tagged by Chris to write 8 random facts about myself. I’ll try to relate some things to learning Japanese, however, it is great to know more about the person behind the blog.

The rules are:

1. People who are tagged need to write a post containing 8 random facts about themselves.
2. At the end of the post you should name several other bloggers to be tagged.
3. Leave a comment for the bloggers and link to your own post.

So here I go:

  1. I hate following the rules.
    More accurately, perhaps, is that I can’t follow instructions. I just can’t do it. Following a recipe or sewing pattern? I can’t. I just end up tossing what ever into the mix, hardly ever measure anything. I guess you could say it is the same for following instructions for learning Japanese products. It is so natural for me to adapt everything to the way that I want to do it, I often forget that other people don’t do this and need step-by-step instructions. It’s also the reason why I can’t do origami.
    This is also why I wont be tagging people for this meme. If you want to do this, please leave me a comment and I’ll link to the people who respond to this meme at the bottom of this post!
  2. I work in a scrap booking store.
    Yes, I get paid to scrap book, I have to make displays for when new products come in. Yes, it is lots of fun. But it’s still retail and so I need to get out. But I am very happy working there (for the most part!) and it is a great job to have while I’m still at uni. Oh, and I can’t wait to scrapbook my upcoming trip to Japan, I already have bought a lot of stickers etc! I’ve always kept a diary and love taking photos, so for me scrapbooking is an obvious step in the journey of keeping memories.
  3. I’m left handed.
    Which makes me uber creative. I also write with my book on a 90 degree angle. Not awkwardly like a lot of lefties do, but quite naturally that many people don’t even realise I do it.
  4. I listen to Metal!!
    Still searching for good Japanese metal bands that sing in Japanese. So far I’ve only managed to find Japanese metal bands that sound like they are from the 80’s and sing in English. Where is the Rammstein of Japan??
  5. I’m afraid of heights
    But I love challenging that fear. I love high thrill rides, even if I’m scared shitless. I want to bungee jump and sky dive in the near future. Also thinking about doing some bridge climbing. I think I’m very fortunate because I think my fear would make rides more exciting. I feel sorry for you non-scaredy-cats.
  6. I don’t mind reading cheesy romance novels.
    The thing is, I read books too quickly. It can often be an expensive habit, as often I buy books rather than borrowing from a library. Romance books are cheap. You can get four books for around $11, equalling around 1000 pages too. Often they are satisfying as they are really funny (although, they aren’t trying to be). The only thing is, I only read historical or fantasy romances. I like my books set in other worlds.
  7. I love Amigurumi.
    It’s my latest craft based obsession. And it’s Japanese! You can get lots of free patterns at Ravelry.com. Although my creations never seem to go to plan, see point 1.
  8. I can read tarot cards.
    Those things freak me out sometimes with how honest they are. I have around 10 packs of tarot cards. I don’t read with them as much as I used to, but it is a lot of fun. As a writer, the archtypes on the cards appeal to me as well. As does the art. My next tarot buy will be Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s – I love her art work.

Again, if you want to respond to this meme, just leave a comment linking to it here!





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  1. Chris

    Nice one Carlie, cheers for the response :)
    I gave up looking for Japanese Metal bands. It’s not often I listen to it but there just seems to be nothing available!

  2. Justin

    You should check out Boris, Yellow Machinegun, Gallhammer, and Church of Misery. If none of them fill your needs, then this may be of help to you.


    By the way, nice blog :D

  3. Rajat jain

    Gud to kknw abt you more..
    It really nice that you enjoy working with crafts..

    keep enjoying.. :yay:

    Rajat Jain

  4. 伊藤さん

    Not metal, but check out 秋田 昌美. Sure to make your ears bleed with joy.

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