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6 Steps to treat Runner’s or Jumper’s Knee

Posted by on Dec 30, 2012 in Health, Life | 1 comment

My knee hurts from running. Sad face. I’ve been doing some research on how to make my knee better, and I thought I would sum up my research here. I am no doctor, but this is what I understand after browsing heaps of websites that may or may not have been written by doctors. So take what I say with a grain of salt.

First things first, my knee injury is Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, or PFPS, although it is known as other things as well. It basically means “my knee cap hurts”. It seems that no one knows the cause for it, but it happens a lot to people who run or play jumping sports. It also seems to happen more to women because of their wider hips. Most places say it is caused from weak leg muscles, bad form when running, or over-training (which is most likely what happened to me – I got new shoes, suddenly I could run well, and so I ran more. Way more).

Here’s how to treat it:

1. Rest

Most places seem to recommend rest, but also note that it does shit all as well.
What I mean from this is that if you are experiencing runner’s knee, don’t use your knee as much. But that rest itself wont actually stop it from occurring. It just stops it from getting worse.
Most places recommend that you reduce the amount of activity that you are doing on you knee.
From personal experience I know that this alone does not stop it from occurring again. I recently stopped running, and my knee went back to normal. But then after my first run after more than a week, it was fine until 3km’s in, and while it didn’t hurt too much during the run it certainly did after the run.
Instead of running, it is suggested you can swim or do other non or low impact exercise.

2. RICE it

Like resting it, this one is more of something you do after it has occurred and doesn’t actually prevent it from happening again.
RICE incorporates resting, so I could have actually included it here, but I thought it needed a separate area.
RICE is:
You can also take some anti-inflammatory pain killers to help reduce the swelling.

3. Stretching

Now we are on to things that may prevent your runners knee from occurring. I am going to give this a try and I will let you know if my runner’s knee goes away.
After you work out, stretch your legs!
Here is one guy on youtube who says that his stretches helped cure his runner’s knee (it is very quiet, but you can see easily what he is doing):

Stretching and strengthening your legs is said to be one way of preventing runner’s knee from occurring again as one cause of it can be weak leg muscles around the knee. So I am thinking about incorporating more yoga or pilates into my exercise routine to strengthen your legs.

4. Get a Better Posture

Straightening up more when running is said to also help. So with this one the yoga may help, and also to keep it in mind to straighten up as you are actually running.

5. Get New Shoes

Another thing to consider is your shoes. Get new ones with proper support, or get some shoe inserts.

6. Get a Knee Brace

This one has mixed feedback as well. Some people said this helped, and others said this did nothing. I’ve just bought one and so my knee feels good compressed but I don’t know if it will help or not. I plan on wearing it when I ease myself back into running.

My Plan

I plan on doing more stretching, I’ve been thinking about doing some Pop Pilates to strengthen my legs. I also plan on doing some bike riding when my knee hurts a little less and then slowly ease my way back into running.I will follow up to tell you how my knee goes.

Some of the resources I used:


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  1. Zelda

    Hi, Charlie. I’m Zelda and I totally feel you, because I’ve got PEPS as well and it feels like hell everytime that it gets worse. Sometimes I feel really depressed, like right now, because I have this dream to keep on travelling the world and go back living in Japan, but I feel like I can’t do it everytime I think of it. “What if my knee has a crisis?” I always think about it and I get so scared that I’m afraid to leave my place. But I don’t want to renounce to my dreams due to a stupid illness.
    How is it living by yourself in Japan having PEPS? Please, tell me your secrets, I really need someone who can understand me advice.

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