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2013 Challenge….

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New Years Resolutions.


Today I’ve been thinking about the future, lots of dreams.

Dreams don’t come true (generally) unless you work on them.

The general consensus with most people is that new years resolutions don’t work. In fact there is no better time to work towards your dreams than right now.

Let’s talk. Every summer for the past umteen years I have lost weight and gotten fit. Every winter I put most of it back on. It then takes me a couple of months to get my eating and exercise back in check to where I actually start losing weight. I want to stop the cycle. One way that I know works in the summer is I record somewhere what I eat and what exercise to do. So I had an idea to try and keep this up over winter. Then I had another idea to keep it all in a book that has dates so that I can see my progress, and I can use stickers for motivation.

Introducing my goal book.

In the front I have inserted my goals. I have made them not too specific because what I think would be amazing right now may need to be made even more amazing later on. For example, maybe right now I want to be exercising 4x a week. Maybe later I may change my mind and want to exercise 6x. Or maybe 2x. Who knows. I don’t. But I do know I want to keep on exercising. Thus one of my goals for 2013 is to exercise. And “eat well” may change as well. Does it mean a certain amount of calories? Does it mean a certain type of food? Well, I know what it means to me right now, and that may change over the year, but at the core I’m sure it will stay the same.

And in this diary they actually had December 2012, which is one of the reasons I bought it because I wanted to start RIGHT NOW. I’ve been tracking in this book since 26 Nov 2012. Things are going well. I’ve been using poo stickers from Japan to show when I exercise.

My other goal is to write. I’ve been keeping that up steadily as well. I hope I can keep that up as well.

New goals may be added as they come to me.

Anyway, I was thinking about goals. Goals are fun. Goals can be motivating. Usually when I give myself a goal I fail. However, by starting a goal I have more of a chance of finishing said goal than if I never start. I have been looking at the date and the calendar of my goal diary journal thing (I need to give this thing a name) and it is so close to being 2013 and I just feel like it is a time to create some kind of challenge. I’m not sure what yet. I’m thinking it should be website related. I need some website related goals.

My website is running quite slow. I need to figure out what’s up with that.


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