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bullet Carlie is a crazy Australian, previous resident of Japan, recent graduate… Currently I’m trying to become a healthier person and more prolific writer. I want to both go travelling and buy a house, but first to do either need some kind of income.

I’ve changed the focus of this blog a bit to revive it. Japan is still apart of my life, but I want, NEED to make it less of a focus so I can make positive changes in my life.

bullet GoddessCarlie.com originally was a blog aimed at those interested in Japanese Dramas, the Japanese Language, or anything to do with Japan.
GoddessCarlie.com was born on 2007年5月13日.

This website started just after I decided to take learning Japanese seriously. It was the start of 2007 and at that time I hadn’t realized how Japan would slowly take over my life. It makes sense now, of course. Of course by learning a language I would come to understand and appreciate it’s culture!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions/comments!

This website is a bit of a mish mash of all my interests in Japan.

  • It records my journey in learning Japanese.
  • As time goes on it is easy to forget the struggle one has to go through to get to where they are. I want to record how it is for me, from the start, how it was for me to learn Japanese. Not only does it serve as a reminder on how far I’ve come, I hope that my journey and revelations on the Japanese language help and motivate others to learn this language.

  • Record my thoughts and reviews of the Japanese Media I come across.
  • Before my obsession with Japanese dramas began, I searched on the internet for good reviews of individual episodes and reviews of movies. I could not find anything. I decided that I wanted to record my thoughts of the episodes I watched. I am interested in the future seeing how my opinions changes on these shows!

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Feel free to contact me about anything, but I can’t promise a reply because I love to procrastinate.


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